Karen De Silva

Luminous was established in 2008 by Karen De Silva, an experienced producer with 26years of experience behind her name, having worked in three international advertising agencies and well-known production companies in Malaysia.

Her years of experience helps you get the best out of what you want to achieve and also has a great sense of understanding of clients and agency’s objective without compromising the concept. Karen highly believes in maintaining high production values no matter how small the budget.

Luminous has one simple objective to produce the most talked about creative work with an edge and is highly competitive in the region.

This comes with hiring the right experienced team, to be able to solve your every need and request without creating any fuss, and clients are left with wonderful memories of Luminous which eventually turn’s into long-term relationship.

Brad Hogarth

Film Director

Brad defies the typical labels we put on directors.

His reel covers some of the most diverse and hotly contested categories a director can aspire to: cars, kids, 3D, storytelling, visual, cinematographic, emotional, and even beauty. His approach to any script is simple; there is always a story to tell and a unique way to tell it.

To Brad every script is an opportunity...

Executive Producer | Partner

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Dest Kee

Executive Producer

Dest Kee is an Executive Producer that exudes confidence and sincerity and friendliness when you first start a conversation with her. Needless to say all this comes with having 9 years of experience behind her name, in various roles from a PA when she first started, to a Production Manager, a Location Manager, a Line Producer and finally to an highly respected Executive Producer at Luminous with strong communication skills across all aspects of production.

Dest has worked on some high range budgets and complex projects with multiple shoot days to a small guerrilla shoots with very limited resources. She has worked with tracking vehicles, low loaders, motion control, helicopters, stunts, various animals and children, stills shoots and huge extra’s scenes.

She loves getting her hands dirty, without a second thought if a problem arises and take it as a challenge to solve it the best way she can, calmly and professionally. This will always be Dest for you...